Software Applications

Autobotics will integrate various software applications into automation projects. We will manipulate software to meet your needs. Why would you re-invent the wheel? We just tweek the software to meet your needs. This gives your company a custom software that is supported by the manufacturer without the HIGH COST of developement. Predator Software develops Windows® based applications to automate the shop floor and improve production efficiencies. Autobotics LLC. is the second largest Predator reseller. Don’t get your software from someone that can’t service your machines also. We are more than a software sales company.


Predator products provide the network "backbone" to communicate across any shop floor or production facility. Once in place, other Predator applications can be integrated either stand alone, or as part of a working suite, to provide vital productivity components that enable production facilities to operate efficiently, including network security, document viewing, internet and intranet browsing, data collection and gage management, and electronic work instructions.

Preditor CNC Editor
The most popular CNC code editor available. It includes hundreds of features to improve the day to day productivity of CNC programmers and machine tools, yet it is extremely easy to use.
Preditor Virtual CNC
Designed to simulate and verify operation of your 2 - 5 axis CNC machines on your PC. By simulating the machining process off line you literally save thousands of dollars in lost time, scrapped parts, broken tools, machine crashes and improve overall machine productivity.
Preditor DNC
Makes CNC machine networking simple. Wired or wireless upload, download or dripfeed via RS232 or ethernet to all of your CNCs simultaneously. Supports up to 256 CNCs per PC and includes the Predator CNC Editor.
Preditor Desktop
Provides a paperless platform for PCs, thin clients or Windows based CNCs on the shop floor. A single configurable user interface for viewing, scheduling and DNC. Includes email, printing, Microsoft Excel™, and Access™ integration.
Preditor MDC
Real-time manufacturing data collection software with 80+ reports and charts to track jobs, parts, people, OEE, scrap, downtime and 30 other metrics. Predator MDC improves manufacturing operation to manage by the numbers.
Preditor Tracker
Automate the tracking and organization of your tools, cutters, inserts, kits and gages. Predator Tracker improves manufacturing processes and efficiencies by tracking inventory, consumption, certifications, ordering, check in/out, Iscrap and re-work.